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Utrecht, The Netherlands

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We find ourselves amidst a period in civilization wherein fools continue to be fools, but perhaps at a faster rate than ever before. I am speaking of the Information Age. Our culture’s obsession with digital information, social networking, and data is unhealthy—and it is misleading. Most of the data is nothing more than static, like a radio or television station with a weak signal. Humans have long turned to technology to solve problems, without regard for what we lose in adopting the new technology. This is true also for moving away from paper to digital media. Aren’t we losing too much?: long term history, traditions, relationships and beliefs. Entire cultures are surrendering. Paper is the antidote. We used to know that, but have lost our way. Restore paper, and you are restoring loyalty, balance and wisdom.

We believe that,

As such,

If you are not a fool taken in by the seductive properties of cheap information, we ask you to join us in our fight to turn the tide and restore paper to its proper status at the center of a society and culture worth living in. You will stand alongside your aesthetic brothers and sisters as a practitioner of The Paper Cult to change the way world sees paper.