Visual Designer
Utrecht, The Netherlands

© 2011-2017

In my previous Content Management experiences, I have developed my editing and proofreading skills, regarding academic contents and training processes within an organisation.

I apply the following criteria while working on the creation of an editorial voice:

  • Put myself in the reader's shoes to set the tone
  • Prioritise what's important from them to know, and in what order
  • Depending on the kind of information, choose the right medium to communicate it
  • I craft ways to attract people to read the content (marketing strategies BTL and ATL)

    I am proficient in Dreamweaver, several CMS and LMS including Wordpress and Blackboard and Moodle, Search Engine Optimisation and defining Metadata schemes. I earned a completion certificate from Coursera after taking the course Content Strategies for Professionals. I have worked with content in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese.

    Some examples below.

    I wrote Training documentation on several subjects for which there were very little or non existent material. This particular example explains in detail how to work with the Content Collection in Blackboard 8, for University of Liverpool Online.

    I put together a very detailed Checklist for new Courses Review, optimising the process of Quality Assurance before launching, after having upgraded the Blackboard version.

    I also designed a flowchart showcasing the stakeholders and processes involved in making a textbook content update in an existent online course.